Monday, 2 April 2012

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle..... (and Butterflies!)

Apologies to anyone who has seen the mess I've been making!  We're currently installing some new steps which start on the steps bed path and will eventually join up with the stone steps on the top walk. These steps are slightly different from any of the others found in the garden. The National Trust is committed to reduce, re-use and recycle where ever possible. So these steps are being constructed out of old scaffold which were given to us by a scaffold company as they had reached the end of their working life. As they will not bare any weight they will be perfectly safe to use as our steps and will stop them going into landfill. 
To  compliment these boards and to continue our recycling theme on these steps the pegs and stobs are made from Alder which was cut down from the Spring Walk over the winter. With a little bit of work with a draw-knife they have been shaped to be perfect for the job. The only new things we are using are a few nails to hold some things in place.  
We're putting the steps in as this slope can get very slippery when it rains which means the path has to be shut off. By putting the steps in it will ensure that this path will be open for everyone to enjoy. So watch this space for when we complete these steps..... (although I'm now away for Easter so they'll have to wait till I get back!)

And now on to more important things... another great thing about doing a job like these steps means you're stuck in one place which makes sure you get to see some fabulous wildlife! I am very happy as spring comes as this brings out some of my favourite wildlife species, the butterflies. While doing my steps over the past week, I have had visits from some wonderful spring species. Unfortunately I still don't have my camera back so I've had to borrow some images.... 
Orange Tip
© C. J. Rees
So far we've seen Brimstone, Comma, Red Admiral, Small White and today we had the joy of seeing the Orange tip, so get yourselves in the garden and see what butterflies you can spot! 
The photo of the Orange Tip is from a fabulous photographer and you can see more images from Northeast Images by clicking here


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