Thursday, 15 March 2012

The team lend Charlotte a helping hand

Today the Garden team went over to Sprivers to lend Charlotte a hand to knock in "some" posts in the rose garden. By some I mean a lot! Charlotte had about 200 posts which needed to be knocked in. Charlotte began by explaining to us where she wanted the posts positioned and the team got going.
Charlotte explaining to Dave and Duncan what she wanted

Richard making a pilot
hole for the post
Dave and Duncan knocking
 in the post

We split up into smaller teams Dave and Duncan took one of the rose beds while Richard and I took another. Hillary and Charlotte we're giving us both a helping hand making sure we didn't get too scratched by the roses and removing the old posts. 

Hilary removing the old posts
We didn't quite manage to knock all of these in but we did manage to knock in over 50 before midday.... so we're quarter of the way through only another 150 to go (and that's before the new roses get planted in the  autumn!)


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