Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Stream and Lions Mouth

The stream prior to being cleaned out
 The Stream in the West Glade

The stream at Scotney Castle is an integral part of the garden, it is not only a feature in itself but it also supplies the moat with water from the Sweetbourne River that runs along the west side of the garden.

Every year during the winter months we close the sluice gate that allows the water into the stream and we drain all of the water out. This allows us to get our waders on and climb into the bed of the stream to clean out all of the mud, weed, and silt that has built up over the past year. 

This can be quite a cold and smell job but is one which really makes a difference and helps to improve the flow of the stream, as well as making it look a lot better. 

Last week the gardeners got into the stream and spent a good few hours cleaning it out and spread some of the nutrient rich silt around the base of several Rhododendron shrubs in the West Glade which will rot down and give the shrubs a good feed.

Once the cleaning had been completed Richard opened the sluice gate and started to let the water back into the stream and it has filled up over the weekend and the water is flowing quite well. The water is cyrstal clear and the photograph below shows what it looks like all cleaned up and full of water. Over the coming months the marginal plants that grown along the banks of the stream will start to grow and complete this beautiful area of the garden.
The stream after clearing and flowing with water

The Lions Mouth Fountain 

The new grill being fitted
The Lions Head fountain is often hard to find and is missed by many of our visitors. It is tucked away at the top of the garden by the Rose Beds near the bastion and is a lovely little feature.

Over the winter months we have had the fountain turned off and like the stream we cleared it of debris such as leaves and sludge and we also had another grill made by our local blacksmith to stop rubbish falling into the bottom of the fountain.

The fountain being filled up

Once the grill had been painted and the walls of the fountain treated with a bonding solution to reduce any leaks, we filled it up and got it running again, only to be dogged with a leak which we struggled to find.

Eventually the leak was found to be where the hose goes under the wall and with a bit more sealant the problem was fixed and the fountain now holds the water.

The Lions Head running with water again!

A huge thanks to Rick our Handyman who perseveered and managed to find and fix the leak in the fountain, it was quite a frustrating job but well worth the effort in the end.

The next time you visit Scotney why not see if you can find the  Lions Head fountain, if you can't find it asy one of the Garden Guides or gardeners to show you where it is.

Quote from the weekend.....

"Absolutely stunning, thank you! Beautifully maintained and obviously tended with love"

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