Saturday, 4 February 2012

Scotney Gardeners visit Sheffield Park Garden

Visiting Sheffield Park

After a busy few weeks at Scotney with cutting down Sycamore Trees, Mulching the Quarry and pruning Rhododendron we decided it would be good to have a break and visit another property so we decided to have a drive over to Sheffield Park Garden near Haywards Heath (not Sheffield....!)

Sheffield Park Garden (SPG) is a magnificent   informal landscape garden which was laid out  by Capability Brown in the 18th Century and developed over the years by its owner Arthur G. Soames. SPG is home to a magnificent collection of rare trees and shrubs, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, daffodils and Bluebells in the Spring, but in the autumn this garden comes alive with it's stunning autumn colour reflected in the four lakes that are within the park itself. For more details and information look at their website 

View back towards the House at Sheffield Park

One of the main reasons we decided to go the Sheffield Park was to go and see a magnificent 125 year old Giant Redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum) which had been struck by lightning and exploded into what you can see in the pictures below. There was a very localised thunderstorm two weeks ago and the top of the tree was struck by lightening causing  considerable damage to what was once one of the biggest trees in SPG. It is quite a rare sight to see a tree in this condition so we decided to go over and have a look before the gardening team at SPG clear away the damaged limbs.

Part of the tree on the ground, suprising how pink the heart-wood of the tree is.

Part of the top of the tree embedded vertically deep into the ground
Whats left of the top of the tree from a distance

There are plenty of other magnificent trees to see at Sheffield Park and on many occasions the words "Wow...look at that over there...!" were said, and two of the most impressive trees for us was the huge  Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) and an enormous Giant Redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum) which Duncan just had try and climb!

Duncan and Dave among the stems of the Thuja

Duncan standing on the base of the Giant Redwood  

Although it was absolutely freezing and it was to cold to stand still for to long we had an amazing day and saw lots of beautiful trees and shrubs. The photographs I have taken really dont do SPG justice and the work that Andy and his team do is amazing, so if you are looking to have a day out somewhere in East Sussex then we can strongly reccomend Sheffield Park Garden.

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