Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Rule no.1 always look cool....

I'll start by appologising for the quality of the photos! I broke my camera last week and over the last year my smartphone has been taking a battering so the camera's not so good anymore! 

But anyway, here we go! Today Dave and I had another tree to climb. The tree was one of the oaks on the top walk, so sorry for anyone visiting the garden today to find that you could not walk the whole way on the top walk but we didn't want anything dropping on your heads. We had a few jobs to do on this tree, Dave wanted to give it a bit of a crown lift, and I wanted to check out a large cavity in the tree and there was also a hanging branch which needed taking down. 
The oak on the top walk
If you look really really hard you can
see the hanging branch!
While I was on the way up I tried to take some photos, to give everyone a view of a different perspective of Scotney although I got rather scared when getting my phone out, especially as I'd already dropped it once from around 12ft (Duncan very kindly went into the Rhododendron bush to find it for me!) So there are only a few photos, which are not the best but I thought I'd share them anyway!

View towards the old castle

 So while Dave concentrated on removing some of the lower branches I started my climb higher to check out the cavity. Once I got there I gave the cavity a bit of a prod, and while one side had some dead bark the other appeared to be perfectly healthy.
After inspecting the cavity I practised my "skills" in trying to get a high enough anchor point to try and get out to the hanging branch. This took me quite a while and I ran out of time as we ran quite late into lunch and we decided it would be best to carry on after lunch!
A view of the cavity and Dave. 

 After lunch I very kindly allowed Dave to climb up and get the hanger (I think I may need to improve my fitness!)

But getting back to the title of this blog. Dave, always looking to further my development and education, today taught me the three rules of climbing (which he'd seen on the tele the other day)

Rule no.1 - Always look cool!
Rule no. 2 - If you can't tie knots, tie lots!
and Rule no. 3 - Safety third!

(ok we don't quite follow all these rules except for the first one obviously! but I thought this was quite funny)
A photo of Dave looking "cool"


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