Sunday, 15 January 2012

Red squirrel gets another climbing lesson!

The Beech tree
Friday, although it was the 13th (something which I only just noticed) was a beautiful day, a little colder than it has been over the past few weeks but with bright blue skies it made for the perfect day to have another go at climbing! It was probably about time I tried to climb again otherwise I may lose my super cool nickname which Dave gave us last October!
Dave getting the ropes ready
It has always surprised me how much I enjoyed climbing last time having had a fear of heights for years. Perhaps its the way it allows me to reminisce back to simpler days.
So on Friday my target was this beautiful Beech tree in the garden. Dave went about setting up the ropes and tying the knots (I was being really nice to him at this point!). And off we went, we started off quite low getting the rope over a branch about 12ft off the ground and once we had got to that point Dave taught me how to do a change over, this involved throwing the other end of the rope over another branch higher up so we could continue to climb higher. I was surprised how much easier it felt to climb this time, I mean don't get me wrong it wasn't easy and my muscle have been mildly complaining all weekend but I think I had started to improve my technique, at least there wasn't quite as much flailing about as last time!
When we reached our final branch I had a nice view of the garden and I always enjoy any opportunity I get to view the world from a different perspective.
Dave also tried to teach me some different knots, mostly I couldn't quite get them right but I did, very much enjoy some of their names! We learnt the Butterfly knot, double figure of 8 and my all time favourite, just purely for its name, the Munter's hitch.
I just want to say a big thanks to Dave for taking the time to teach me, I know its not easy especially trying to teach someone who has the attention span of a fish! But as always I find your enthusiasm infectious! As a special thank-you I have decided to give you the gladiator nick name of Black Panther as I think no Estate is complete without one!


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