Saturday, 10 December 2011


Radio Problems
The property at Scotney covers nearly 800 acres and spreads from the villages of Kilndown to Lamberhurst and across to Finchcocks Museum which is along the Goudhurst Road. We have various team's working over this large area, the Wardening Team are out on the Estate, the Gardeners in the Garden, the House Team busy conserving items within the House, and the Visitor Reception, Shop and Tea Room staff working away in the Courtyard, so it is important that all of our staff carry a radio with them so we can keep in contact at all times.

Over the past few months we have had a lot of interference and static noises coming over the radios so we invited Terry from Procom Communications to come over and have a chat about how we can solve the problems and to give us a clearer signal.

Terry fitted a booster box and aerial to the top of the house to strengthen the signal and came over last week to install them and so far this has solved the problem. We can now hear each other accross the whole estate  in a very clear waywhich should improve things in the future.

Whilst I was on the roof with Terry I took a few photos which I thought might interest you, not many people get to go up on the roof and the views are amazing!
Looking North West

The picture above shows the view looking north west towards the Walled Garden, you can see the Vine House in the centre of the picture.

Looking South East  

 Looking South East you can see the top of the Quarry and along the side of the Top walk

Looking South

Looking South you can see across the Estate towards the Bewl Reservoir, the reservoir dam can just be seen, its the perfect horizontal line on the horizon just to the right of the picture.
Looking East

The last photograph is looking east across the conservation meadow towards Goudhurst which can be seen in the distance (if you click on the photograph and look really closely!)

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