Sunday, 11 December 2011

A bit of Festive Cheer...!

Our Garden Entrance Christmas Tree
To bring a bit of festive cheer at Scotney we have decorated the Garden Information Hut at the garden entrance with lights, tinsel and baubles. We have also cut down a small Christmas Tree from the estate and we need your help to decorate it.

What we would like you to do is ask you to find berries, leaves and anything else that you can find lying on the ground in the garden at Scotney and take it to Pat the Garden Guide who will help you put it onto our tree. 

So far we have had quite a few items brought from the garden to hang on the tree but we still need more decorations so your help is needed!

Anybody who finds suitable berries and leaves gets a Christmas colouring in sheet to take home and colour.

Berries from the Garden

Whilst walking around the garden on Friday afternoon I was lucky to see the beautiful sunset and I was fortunate to have a camera with me so I had to take a few photos, here is one looking across the moat. 

A view of Scots Pine Trees accoss the Moat.


  1. Fame at last! What have I let myself in for? If it gets busy I will be asking for an assistant!

    I love the photograph. Very peaceful.

  2. I love the natural decorations on the tree. Whay a good idea!