Friday, 30 September 2011

Top Walk re-opens

Completed tar and chip path
Top Walk re-opens

The top walk has now been completed and is re-open for you to walk down from the Bastion to the Ice House.

The finished path looks excellent and as crazy as it sounds it has transformed this part of the garden and has really made a difference.

All we need to do is to prune back some of the overhanging trees and shrubs over the coming months and add a few more interesting plants to make this another great feature of the garden.

Turning compost

Behind the Walled Garden we have a composting area where we compost as much material as possible so that we can re use it within the garden at Scotney. Every now and then we produce so much material that we need to push the heaps back into the bins and turn them so today Dave and Duncan have been doing this with our tractor.

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